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Updated Website!

So as you can see, there has been a massive overhaul of my website; This is hugely thanks to my son, Andrew. The website should look much better on phones and tablets, as the new site was configured with them in mind.

You can see a lock in the address bar, that's because the website now has SSL (Which i'm told is a good thing for security purposes.) I changed to a different host, and the website should have no error pages and have much improved loading speeds for all of you. 

We have several new things on the menu! Currently, you can sign in to my website with Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or a service called uId. I chose this on recommendation from Andrew, he said "It will be easier for your users, as they will just sign in with their existing account and linking it to the website." There is another new feature, the Forum. The forum allows you to talk to me without using emails for everything, it supports something my son tried to explain to me, BBcodes, something i don't fully understand ;D.

We've introduced a FAQ section, to help give you the answers and information you deserve. You can also see a search bar, found in the top=left of the webpage. This lets you search my website for a specific daylily or hosta.(I'm told that it searches through the entire website.) 

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